30 June 2009


Nailed it.

Again: yes. My interview went well. Not nearly as intense as I was expecting and preparing for. I was there for probably about an hour and a half, but, really, the interview part only lasted about 40 minutes. I gave sweet answers to questions about my leadership skills and successes and working in an unstructured environment and my motivations. And that was that. Then we just pretty much chatted -- his time in the Peace Corps, training, nominations to invitations, et cetera, et cetera.

But. The important part. He said I am solidly qualified to serve as a health program volunteer. Huzzah! Good news! Then came the not-so-good news -- there aren't any positions open right now. But then some better news -- they'll be getting a new "batch" of positions later in July.

So, assuming he finds one of the spots later in July that I'm a good fit for and nominates me for that, then it would most likely be to leave next summer, July, August, around there. He said I should hear from him in about three weeks, which would be the week of the 21st. Not too, too long of a wait. And pretty much what I expected and much better than I was worried about, that being no open positions until late 2010, early 2011. But summer 2010? Again: yes (and a possibility of something opening up sooner is also awesome).

I asked what were the odds of, if I get nominated, actually solidifying that formal invitation. He said that as long as I was medically cleared and the program didn't get canceled or anything, then it's not quite a sure thing, but pretty close. He said he's nominated people before who've then gotten turned down once their application got to DC, but he's always set those people up, told them that he'd go ahead and nominate them despite less-than-stellar qualifications. I'm not one of those people. Again: yes.

So I am happy. I am trying not to be too happy. It's still such a long process, there's still the dreaded medical clearance, there hasn't even been a nomination yet. But I did my part. And now it's basically out of my hands, for better or worse (I can't decide which but would lean towards worse because, well, if it was in my hands, I'd give myself a spot today).

So, (again:) yes. I am happy.

And now comes that most fun of all aspects of applying to the Peace Corps: waiting.

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