30 June 2009

Block Quote!

Final preparations for my interview in exactly 60 minutes!

This quote is from An Imperfect Offering by Dr. James Orbinski, who is a former international president of Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres -- MSF). It's a horrifying and amazing book and I think it should be required reading for everyone in America.
But this quote is from when he asked a colleague of his what his reasons were for joining MSF.
"We suture, we record the events, we tell the world. We struggle daily with private thoughts of of whether or not we make a difference. The ultimate solution may be political, anonymous and nebulous, in some remote teak conference room. But I have seen the blood, the people cry in pain and the people laugh with hope. And I know we need to be there."
It inspires me every time I read it. It reminds me why I'm going to this interview today.

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