21 February 2011

Vote, Rocked

As pretty much all of our northern neighbors -- South Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and on up to Bahrain, Yemen, Lebanon, Iran, and, hell, even Belgium just set a record for the longest time a country's been without an official government, and back to Africa now to stampedes in Mali, and of course there's always Somalia, oh, and it's not just north, now we can go south too, to Zimbabwe, where people were arrested for watching Al Jazeera videos of the protests in all of those other countries --  are overthrowing (or attempting to overthrow) their collective or respective governments, the election here ended up pretty much the same way I said it was going the other day.

Quiet, slow, orderly, mostly peaceful, and rigged (depending on who you ask).
Here's another NYT article on the whole process.

When I went to the polling station near my house around 4.00 or so, it was empty except for the workers, everybody either having marked their ballots already or been driven home by the wind storm that whipped dust and garbage into cyclones up and down the street earlier in the afternoon.

But the results are out, Museveni won with around 68% of the votes.

His victory was "categorically rejected" by the opposition on the basis of widespread ballot tampering, bribing and intimidation of voters.

And now we'll just be waiting -- to see what the opposition decides to do, and to see what happens next.

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