05 August 2010

Pack It Up, Again

Some of those various miscellaneous things I was forgetting last night:
  • Maps: Detailed map of Uganda / World map (to show everyone Seattle).
  • Tapatio! (Hot sauce) (To make the starchy banana-mash staple food more palatable.)
  • Gifts for my Host Family: Something small / Seattle-related (postcards or a calendar) to go with what I'll get them when I get there and actually meet them and see what they'd want/need.
  • Power Strip (for charging multiple things at once).
  • Pot Holders (which apparently are not available in Uganda).
  • Superglue (because, if you've seen my sunglasses..).
  • Bungee Cords.
  • Small sewing kit (for replacing buttons, stitching up wounds sustained while wrestling lions, etc).
  • Passport-sized Photos for official documents / copies of all important documents.
  • Aloe Vera (for my lily-white skin).
  • Seeds (in case I want to supplement my diet by growing a green thumb).
  • Addresses of friends and family.
And, again, I'm sure there's plenty of stuff that I'm missing. But, hopefully, I'll remember it all before Sunday.

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