13 June 2010


I've been sacrificing sleep for the World Cup since Friday.

A couple friends and I went to a cafe at 7AM Friday morning for the opening match between Mexico and South Africa. We got there five minutes after they opened and could barely squeeze through the door.

That sounds like it would fit in pretty well with the World Cup scene in Uganda.

'Business coming to a standstill.'
'People abandoned their offices and shops to storm the nearest pub.'

And: 'Delegates attending the International Criminal Court review conference abandoned the meeting, only to resume after the opening match.'
So, yeah. That's commitment. (Justice can wait another hour. The World Cup cannot.)

And, on the subject of the World Cup -- though this just interesting and doesn't have anything to do with Uganda -- why, exactly, do we Americans call it soccer?

And, here is the source for that picture (which is actually in South Africa, not Uganda, but there are some great shots there).

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