22 May 2010


Name that country!

Here's a hint: It starts with a "U" and ends with a "OhhhMG, I'm going to Uganda!"

Answer? It's Uganda!

I swung by the apartment on Friday afternoon to check the mail. As I got out of the car, I saw it. My invitation kit! Just sitting underneath the mailbox, like it owned the place. So I ran up the rest of the steps and snatched it up, heart racing and mouth dry and hands a little shaky (but that could have been from my skewed caffeine-to-calories ratio that morning). There was no way I could open it alone, so I leaped back down the stairs, back into the car, and managed to drive downtown without actually thinking about driving at all. Sarah took an extended break at work and we opened it. Or rather, she opened it first and read it and said she was happy with it and for me.

And then I read it.

Country: Uganda

Job Title: Community Health Volunteer

Orientation Dates: Aug. 9-10, 2010

Pre-service Training (In Uganda): Aug. 11-Oct. 23, 2010

Dates of Service: Oct. 24, 2010-Oct. 23, 2012 (!!!)

And then I told everyone else. And then I tried to let it all register and process. And I couldn't.


(More Uganda facts to come!)

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